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Dec 29

A Guide to Kitchen Remodeling in Boca Raton

From beaches and golf courses to shopping and a blossoming foodie scene, Boca Raton is a hot real estate market. That’s why kitchen remodeling in Boca Raton is often a sound investment, both for lifestyle and financial reasons. Not only does it make your kitchen more functional and beautiful, but it can also add value […]
Dec 20

4 Considerations Before Hiring Kitchen Contractors

From full kitchen remodels to small renovations, you want to be sure you’re working with kitchen contractors that are dependable and do quality work. What’s the best way to go about this? Well, there are many facets to consider when hiring a remodeling company in South Florida that will make your vision come to life. […]
Dec 02

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Installations

Your kitchen is a space for cooking and coming together. You want this room to feel comforting, and cohesive with your style. At Platinum Sand Construction, we offer kitchen design and remodeling, including kitchen cabinet installations. It’s important to add your special touch to this hub of your home, and cabinets can take a neutral […]
Nov 15

Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2022

From blogs and social media to TV shows and magazines, there are many kitchen remodeling trends out there to inspire your project. Incorporating a lot of trends, however, can be too much of a good thing, making your kitchen remodel look outdated just several years down the road. Check out the kitchen remodeling trends that […]
Nov 02

Money-Saving Tips for Kitchen Restorations

Kitchen restorations vastly improve homes by making the space more functional and visually appealing — but it’s easy to go over budget if you’re not careful. While costs vary from project to project, there are a variety of ways you can save money without sacrificing quality. Let’s take a closer look! 7 Ways to Reduce […]