6 Kitchen Updates Worth the Money

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Certain kitchen updates are worth the money more than others which is why it’s important to be strategic with your selection to get the most out of your kitchen remodel budget. However, depending on your kitchen and what’s important to you, there might be some updates that add more value to you than others.

See Platinum Sand Construction’s list of kitchen updates worth the money, both for home value and lifestyle.

Are Updates Really Worth It?

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, a minor kitchen remodel ranks third on its list of 22 remodeling projects as you’ll likely recoup 60% to 80% of what you pay. However, kitchen updates aren’t all about money. They also improve your quality of life which is harder to put a price tag on.

What’s considered “worth it” to one homeowner may not be for another. Before starting your project, check out our tips for planning a kitchen remodel.Kitchen Updates That Add Value

Get your home ready to go on the market or enhance the functionality and beauty of your kitchen with the right upgrades. Here are six kitchen updates you should consider to add value.

1. Install new light fixtures.

Bring more light into the kitchen while making a design statement with new lighting. Change outdated light fixtures with stylish options like modern pendant lighting. Whenever electric work is involved, always bring in an electrician to ensure it’s done correctly and safely.

2. Paint cabinets and get new hardware.

New cabinets can be pricey which is why painting and new hardware are a cost-effective alternative to achieve a completely new look. Additionally, open kitchen shelving is a popular and inexpensive update since it increases storage and creates a charming display.

3. Replace kitchen countertops.

Countertops are a focal point of any kitchen as they’re where prepping, cooking, and eating are done. They also tie the space together from a design standpoint. There are a variety of materials to choose from like granite, marble, quartz, butcher block, and more. Even lower price-point materials like laminate have come a long way in terms of aesthetics and durability.

4. Install a new kitchen sink.

Small, shallow sinks lack utility and style which is why swapping out your kitchen sink for one that is deeper and more attractive can make such a difference. Also, the average cost of a kitchen sink is $400 which isn’t much considering how often it gets used.

5. Upgrade appliances.

Upgraded kitchen appliances, like stainless steel and energy-efficient, are some of the most expensive items on a kitchen remodel budget, but they dramatically increase functionality and don’t take long to install. Keep in mind, however, that you can save money by timing your purchases right for when there’s a sale.

6. Get new flooring.

Replace outdated flooring or slippery surfaces with a material that not only looks great, but will also be able to stand up to foot traffic and everyday kitchen spills. Furthermore, the new flooring should complement the light fixtures, cabinets, and countertops to complete the kitchen design.

Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen updates offer benefits like increasing home value and enhancing quality of life, but one of the most effective ways to completely transform your kitchen is by working with an experienced general contractor. Platinum Sand Construction in South Florida has over 25 years of combined experience with kitchen remodels, from design and planning to demolition and construction.

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