Top Kitchen Remodeling Styles to Inspire Your Project

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It’s essential to know your options when considering kitchen remodeling styles to achieve a finished result you’ll love for a long time. There are about sixteen popular kitchen styles including southwestern, shabby chic, craftsman, and beachy/coastal. Platinum Sand Construction has achieved a variety of designs, however, there are five kitchen remodeling styles that work well for many projects, even completing the overall feel of the home. Let’s take a closer look!

5 Popular Kitchen Remodeling Styles

Achieve the perfect makeover by selecting a kitchen style that speaks to you and complements the rest of your home’s design. Here are some popular kitchen remodeling styles that will make one of the most functional rooms in your home also the most beautiful.


The Mediterranean kitchen style is refreshingly simple and refers to the design style of the south of Greece, Italy, and Spain. It’s full of colors that include turquoise, light shades of blue, and earth tones. Usually, the home may have columns and arches, with wood floors going throughout. In the kitchen, decorative lighting features are perfect fixtures for Mediterranean design. Distressed pieces, like the cabinetry, also work well in a Mediterranean-inspired kitchen.


In a contemporary kitchen, one might find very dark or bright white cabinetry paired with details that have pops of color and pattern like light browns, blues, or yellows. Slab doors are a major key feature in the contemporary kitchen style, and the marble-patterned quartz countertop and matching backsplash add disparity from other modern looks.


A farmhouse kitchen style has warmly colored, durable materials, especially for the countertops and cabinetry. The black-on-black chic look is popular once again in the farmhouse style. You may find exposed wood beams along the ceiling, adding a hand-crafted look to the kitchen. Fabric fronts are common to hide kitchen storage.  Farmhouse kitchens often use the classic French style as well.


Warm and homey. The traditional kitchen style is covered with creamy colors and dark-toned countertops. Clean and sleek materials and extra lighting fixtures are needed unless there are multiple windows in the kitchen. A kitchen island is essential along with distressed style stools or matching wood along the island.


An example of the industrial kitchen style would include a high wooden ceiling with exposed wooden beams. The wooden structures of the kitchen cabinets and drawers are customized to fit under metal stairs with a brick wall. Another example is applying grey concrete flooring which compliments stainless steel appliances embedded into the wooden kitchen peninsula. The industrial look upholds a raw textural beauty.

Get the Kitchen Style of Your Dreams

When selecting a kitchen remodeling style, it’s crucial that you research. Don’t rush into a decision because you’ll have to live with it for a long time. Trends can be fun, but it’s best to pick a classic aesthetic that you’ll love for years. Whether you go with one of these styles or another for your project, make sure you work with an experienced and trustworthy kitchen remodeling company to ensure quality work, in addition to a beautiful design.

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