Revel¬Æsliding Bath Door, 55-1/2″H X 56-5/8 ‚Äì 59-5/8″W, With 5/16″ Thick Crystal Clear Glass


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The Revel bath door creates an open, airy look with its frameless design, minimal top track, and clear wall jambs. Designed for easy personalization, the Revel series is available in a full range of KOHLER finishes and height and glass options, so you can choose the ideal door for your needs. The 5/16-inch-thick glass offers a luxurious, heavier feel. Revel frameless bath and shower doors combine superior performance with sleek, minimalist design for the perfect complement to your bathing and showering space.

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  • Frameless, 5/16″ (8mm) thick Crystal Clear tempered glass.
  • Technology

  • Center-guided mechanism for smooth, quiet sliding action and easy cleaning.
  • Frameless design with minimal metal allows for greater ease of cleaning.
  • Contemporary towel bar and knob combination offers storage on the outside of the door without encroaching on the bathing space.
  • Low bottom track creates easy entry and exit to the bathing space.
  • CleanCoat¬Æ nanotechnology provides a smooth, nonstick surface to help prevent buildup of water stains, bacteria and mildew on your glass, to make it easy to clean and keep it looking like new.
  • Installation

  • Sliding bath door.
  • Not for use in hospitality.
  • For residential use only.


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