Bathroom Renovations to Elevate Your South Florida Home

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If there’s one room that everyone who lives in or visits your home will use, it’s the bathroom. Ensuring that this high traffic area is functional and up-to-date with your home’s designs is important, and bathroom renovations shouldn’t fall by the wayside here. In addition to enhancing your home, an updated bathroom can also raise your property value.

At Platinum Sand Construction, we understand the need to combine both function and aesthetics while ensuring your South Florida home has all it needs to keep cool in the heat. Here are some ideas to renovate your bathroom — and elevate your home in the process.

Essential Bathroom Renovation Tips

Whether you’re looking for a full bathroom remodel or just jazzing up what you’ve already got, there are many ways to transform your bathroom. Before getting started, be sure to keep these key points in mind.

Configure Your Budget

As for any renovation, knowing how much you’re able to spend is key. There are ways to not break the bank and save money on your bathroom remodel, such as finding cost-effective alternatives and repurposing some of what you already have. Whichever route you choose, having a bathroom space feel like new isn’t out of reach!

Proper Inspection

Before any renovation, a licensed contractor should thoroughly look around the space to see what can feasibly be done. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises as well, such as mold or mildew from poor ventilation, or potential plumbing issues. It’s better to fix these things before getting started.

Upgrade Your Design and Function

If your bathroom fixtures and appliances are out-of-date, an upgrade may be necessary. Consider the lighting, storage, plumbing, ventilation, and flooring in the room to make sure no corner is overlooked. You can even add in other upgrades, like heated floor tiles for comfort or a flush-efficient toilet that’s more eco-friendly.

Current Bathroom Design Trends

What’s currently trending in bathroom design? Here are some ways to update your space while adding a little flair:

  • Plants and greenery
  • Touchless faucets and upgraded sinks
  • Built-in vanities with unique stools and chairs
  • Scenic wall murals
  • Organic style with natural touches and materials
  • Multipurpose storage for better function
  • Mixing textures
  • Wet rooms and walk-in showers for an “at-home spa” feel

Of course, certain trends may not fit with the cohesive design of your home overall, so take into consideration which options would flow best. It’s also vital to keep in mind what trendy choices would be the most practical and beneficial.

For example, should you add a walk-in shower to a space predominantly used by your young kids? Perhaps an upgraded bathtub for that space instead would work!

Revamp Your South Florida Bathrooms

Any renovation can add value to your home, and even something as simple as installing a half-bath to your property can increase the comfort of you living there or a new family moving in. You should also consider specifics for South Florida, such as cooling features and natural sunlight to brighten up the area.

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis! Schedule a free bathroom quote today with Platinum Sand Construction, a full-service home remodeling company based in Boynton Beach, Florida.