Easy Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Even a small bathroom can feel more spacious by making smarter design decisions. Whether you’re completely remodeling a half bath or simply redecorating a bathroom, here are some easy ways to make your bathroom look bigger.

8 Small Bathroom Tips

1. Choose light, neutral paint colors.

Avoid dark colors when painting a small bathroom because they’ll make it look even smaller and feel claustrophobic. Light, neutral tones are best as they will open up the space and create a calm atmosphere for the occupant.

2. Match the wall and ceiling colors.

Another way to make a bathroom feel more spacious is by having the same color for your walls and ceiling. When the walls and ceiling have mismatched colors, it can make the ceiling appear lower than it is. Removing visual interruptions, like two different paint colors, is key to making small bathrooms look bigger.

3. Tile all the way to the ceiling.

A common design mistake is having shower tiles that don’t go all the way up to the ceiling. A blank space or wide trim between the tiles and ceiling creates a visual interruption which isn’t helpful if you want to make a small bathroom look bigger. Additionally, tiling all the way to the ceiling creates a more seamless look.

4. Use mirrors to bounce light.

Mirrors aren’t just functional, they also create the illusion of more space by reflecting all the light and other parts of the room. Placement is particularly important with mirrors. If your bathroom has a window, place the mirror in the best position that will reflect the natural light.

5. Add recessed shelving.

Hidden storage such as recessed shelving is a great way to maximize a small bathroom. This can be done by making use of the space between the studs to create recessed shelving. Not only is this relatively easy, but you also won’t have storage furniture or bins taking up precious space.

6. Avoid too many accessories.

A lot of accessories, even when organized, will make your bathroom look busy and feel crowded. Opt for fewer decorative accessories that also offer a functional purpose to get the best use out of them while avoiding clutter.

7. Install proper lighting.

A poorly lit small bathroom will feel even more closed off by creating shadows. Have adequate general and task lighting by installing sconces on the sides of the vanity mirror or light over the mirror. Either way, the light should cast enough light so there aren’t shadows on the person’s face when looking into the mirror.

8. Switch to frameless glass shower doors.

Unlike shower curtains, frameless glass shower doors are splash-proof and make bathrooms look bigger. Curtains create a visual obstruction whereas frameless shower doors open up the space. To ensure an open, airy aesthetic, use clear glass because textured glass can look like an extra wall, making the bathroom feel even smaller.

Small Bathroom Remodeling in South Florida

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