Ways to Save Money on Bathroom Renovations

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You don’t need to drop a fortune to upgrade your bathroom — there are plenty of ways to save money on bathroom renovations! By spending less on your bathroom, you’ll be able to put more funds toward other home improvement projects like new flooring or granite kitchen countertops. See our money-saving tips below to get more bang for your buck.

6 Easy Tips to Save on Bathroom Renovations

Shave hundreds or thousands off your bathroom remodel by taking the time to research and plan your project. A common mistake that homeowners make is not being prepared. Here are some easy ways to help keep your renovation’s costs down so you can enjoy your new bathroom without breaking the bank.

Make a preliminary budget

Bathroom remodels can cost upwards of four to six figures, depending on the project’s scope. For example, a half bath will be less expensive than a large master bathroom. Making a budget will allow you to keep costs in check. A good rule of thumb is to budget 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value for the bathroom renovation.

Refurbish existing pieces

Buying new is more expensive than using what you already have. Instead, refurbish existing pieces so they look like new — but without the hefty price tag. You can do this by painting, staining, deep cleaning, replacing components, etc.

Minimize major changes

When you reconfigure the bathroom’s walls, plumbing lines, electrical wires, or plumbing fixture locations, labor and material costs are going to increase. Limit significant changes in your renovation to save money.

Use less expensive materials

Just because a material is more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better quality. Many cost-effective materials have come a long way in durability and appearance so don’t automatically discount them. Plus, less expensive materials allow you to splurge on big-ticket items, like a spa bathtub.

Shop secondhand and sales

Use your bargain-hunting skills to score some great finds! Thrift stores, websites, and even yard sales are a treasure trove for bathroom fixtures, decor, and materials. If you can’t find what you’re looking for secondhand, browse sales and sign up for alerts to get new items for cheaper.

DIY easier tasks

Spend less on renovation by tackling easier tasks yourself, like painting walls or replacing showerheads. There are certain jobs you shouldn’t DIY such as plumbing and electrical, those are best left to the professionals.

Transform Your Bathroom for Less

You don’t need a massive budget, but you do need to plan ahead to save money on bathroom renovations and get a finished result you love. Look for ways to cut costs whether it’s by using cost-effective material, refurbishing what you have, shopping secondhand, or doing some of the work yourself.

At the end of the day, you have to weigh what’s most important to you. If you’re not exactly sure what’s a priority for you, it’s vital that you partner with an experienced and trusted bathroom remodeling company to help you figure out the best ways to upgrade your bathroom within your budget.

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