What's Typically Involved in Full Home Remodels?

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If you’ve been considering doing a full home remodel in South Florida, you may wonder what exactly the process involves. Transforming your space can be as involved as you’d like, and while you may be redesigning your whole house, some areas won’t always need a complete rehaul. Here’s what you can expect during your home renovation and how to prepare for this exciting venture.


Any project requires a starting point, and yours should be crafting a budget. By determining cost parameters for your full home remodel, you’ll be able to work with a contractor on the project’s scope, which materials can be used, and other important factors that will decide your home remodel design.

One rule of thumb: take into account any unexpected expenses and add some cushion for these potential outcomes. You want to be prepared for every scenario, and it’s better to allocate too much money rather than too little.


Design is a key element of full home remodels. Your remodeling company will work with you on which features are important to you, and what you can afford based on your budget. Having a cohesive flow for your home should be a crucial component of your vision since you’re redesigning your whole house. Gather ideas and inspiration for what you want your remodeled home to look and feel like.


To make space for the new, demolition will be a significant portion of the remodeling process. This includes tearing down walls, removing old appliances, restructuring room designs, and reframing areas for new construction. It’s important that you plan ahead for this part of remodeling, since you may have to find alternative accommodations or living quarters during this period.


Everything torn down must be rebuilt! This is when your new remodel design gets put together, and anything from flooring, walls, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing will be installed. Keep in mind for this part of the remodel, the steps may depend on your contractor’s preferences. Some may install flooring first, then move on to walls and cabinetry, while others may save flooring for last. Discuss what the process may look like with your contractor ahead of time, so you can better gauge the timeline and expectations for completing each step.

Final Touches

Finally, you’re at the finish line! This is where you can furnish your remodeled house and watch it transform into the home you envisioned at the start. Include any accessories or finishes during this time, such as decor, accents, and other design elements you wish to incorporate at the cherry on top of your full home remodel. Now is when you get to enjoy your newly remodeled house, kick back, and relax.

Remodel Your South Florida House into a Home

Fixing up your house so that it feels like a home can be an involved process, but it’s well worth the effort. By having a better understanding of what’s typically involved in full home remodels, you’ll have an easier time planning and getting the results you want. Additionally, find an experienced and reliable contractor so you feel confident about the project from start to finish.

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