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Sep 20

How to Find a Kitchen Remodel Contractor

There are many kitchen remodel contractors in South Florida, but finding one that’s trustworthy and does quality work requires some legwork. Signing a contract without due diligence can lead to you getting burned. Protect yourself from shady companies that don’t show up or call back by finding the right kitchen remodel contractor. Selecting a Trustworthy […]
Aug 16

Ways to Save Money on Bathroom Renovations

You don’t need to drop a fortune to upgrade your bathroom — there are plenty of ways to save money on bathroom renovations! By spending less on your bathroom, you’ll be able to put more funds toward other home improvement projects like new flooring or granite kitchen countertops. See our money-saving tips below to get […]
Jul 30

Kitchen Island Ideas to Elevate Your Remodel

From gorgeous to functional, it’s beneficial to explore kitchen island ideas that will elevate your remodel to a whole new level. With so many options, it’s crucial to think through what’s most important to you. Do you love to have family and friends over? Incorporate a breakfast bar for extra seating. Need more storage for […]
Jul 20

Top 6 Backsplash Materials to Create a Stunning Look

One of the fun parts of a kitchen or bathroom remodel is designing the backsplash, but with so many backsplash materials available, it can quickly get overwhelming. Ceramic, stone, glass…which one is right for your project? To make the selection process easier, we’ve compiled popular types of backsplashes to inspire your renovation! Why Backsplashes Are […]
Jun 30

Keeping Cool in South Florida with Home Improvement Tricks

Keeping cool in the Florida heat, especially during those long summer days and humid nights, is crucial. You may have your AC unit on full blast and the ceiling fans on high. But did you know there are some other ways you can reduce the temperature in your South Florida home without running up your […]