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Apr 23

8 Home Renovation Tips to Save Money

Home renovation costs can quickly spiral get out of control if you’re not careful, but there are many things you can do to make your project a success without going over budget. See our home renovation tips to help you save money! Essential Home Renovation Tips 1. Make and Follow a Budget Keep costs down […]
Apr 02

Best Types of Patio Pavers for South Florida’s Climate

South Florida’s climate makes outdoor living possible year-round but UV light, heat, rain, and wind are harsh on patio pavers which is why it’s important to select the best types to ensure durability and comfort. There isn’t a single “best” paver for a South Florida patio because there are multiple factors to consider such as […]
Apr 01

7 Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings and a popular time for homeowners to start home improvement projects that will spruce up their outdoor and indoor living spaces. While there are the usual cleaning and organizing tasks, here are seven home improvement ideas that will help make your South Florida home more enjoyable year-round. Ways […]