Best Types of Patio Pavers for South Florida's Climate

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South Florida’s climate makes outdoor living possible year-round but UV light, heat, rain, and wind are harsh on patio pavers which is why it’s important to select the best types to ensure durability and comfort. There isn’t a single “best” paver for a South Florida patio because there are multiple factors to consider such as your budget, house and landscaping design, and style preference. (Learn more about paver materials in our previous blog post!)

Patio Pavers Tips for South Florida Homes

Here are some general considerations to keep in mind when selecting a patio paver that will look and perform great no matter what South Florida’s weather throws at it.

Choose light color pavers over dark to decrease heat.

Dark colors absorb more sunlight than light colors which is something you want to avoid when selecting a paver type for sunny, warm climates. By choosing light color pavers, it’ll make your patio more comfortable to walk on even when the sun has been beating down for hours.

Also, UV light makes colors fade which will alter the appearance of dark pavers over time. However, if your patio is shaded, then you have some leeway with paver colors as they’ll be more protected from UV light.

Consider slip-resistant travertine for pool decks.

Travertine is a naturally occurring stone that is found in springs and caves, resembling other natural materials like limestone and marble. It’s a popular paver type for pool decks and warm climates. Travertine stays cool to the touch which is perfect for bare feet on a hot day. Additionally, it has variable small holes throughout, creating a unique texture that’s also slip-resistant.

Balance comfort and slip-resistance.

Smooth patio pavers feel more comfortable walking on bare-foot than bumpy or gritty pavers, but they’re also more slippery when wet which is dangerous if you have a pool or when an unexpected rain shower hits.

On the other hand, rougher patio pavers are more slip-resistant, but they don’t feel free great to walk on. Look for pavers that strike a balance between comfort and slip-resistance to ensure you’re able to walk on the patio whether it’s dry or wet.

Go with concrete pavers if you’re on a tight budget.

Concrete offers more than durability, it’s also one of the least expensive paver types and has a light color that will absorb less heat. Although concrete can crack at freezing temperatures, that won’t really be an issue for patios in South Florida. If you find its gray color uninspiring, you can transform its look with special tints. Keep in mind, however, that tinted concrete pavers may have to be refinished every few years to maintain their appearance.

Get Patio Pavers in South Florida

Selecting the right paver for your South Florida patio will depend on multiple factors, but the most thing is that it’ll work for your lifestyle for many years to come. Create an outdoor oasis with new patio pavers from Platinum Sand Construction. We offer paver design and installation services in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and more. Schedule a free pavers quote today!