Bathroom Renovation Design Inspiration

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Want to spruce up your bathrooms? A professional bathroom remodel is a perfect way to update and upgrade those spaces for a more enjoyable home. Many design trends are here to stay, thanks to their versatility and functional properties. Enhance your bathroom renovation design with these ideas!

Architectural Elements

Whether you want to add some unique architectural elements or play off the ones you’ve already got, this is a great idea to revamp your space. Adding in arches or eaves can make a bathroom look brighter and feel bigger, while also creating an eye-catching shape. If you have awkward angles in your bathroom that you’re unsure what to do with, utilize those corners and edges for storage, windows, or even a one-of-a-kind shower to make your room look new.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is important, both to illuminate the space and create ambiance. Having the right natural lighting streaming through should be your first consideration, so changing your window shape or size can enhance your bathroom renovation. Other options include LED backlighting on vanities and mirrors, uncommon fixtures, and even a statement chandelier.

Wall Tiles

Tiles aren’t just for floors anymore. There are many ways to use tiling to your advantage in a bathroom remodel, such as floor-to-wall tiles, surrounding tiles, wall-to-wall tiles, and even focal points using tiles. These options are also easy to clean and provide a more cohesive flow in your space.

Unique Storage

Storage space shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if your bathroom is a shared area. You can get creative with your storage in ways that elevate the design like nooks, built-ins, or even corner benches that have storage hidden underneath. These dual-purpose storage compartments are ideal for maximizing your bathroom.


Having privacy in a bathroom is a must for many families. You don’t have to compromise on design when you take this into consideration, thankfully. Divided spaces for showers and toilets can allow more than one person to use the space, but with privacy still intact. There are also pony walls for showers, obscured glass for windows, and partitions that serve as style elements.

Large En-Suites

A spacious en-suite can feel like your own personal spa, especially when you add in luxurious elements and materials. Walk-in showers or shower rooms are wonderful choices, especially with a double shower. Consider adding a built-in vanity space or double-sinks with enough area so getting ready is a smoother process, which many families appreciate.

Statement Tubs

Bathtubs can make a statement while also being the perfect place to soak and unwind. You can find the right option for you with built-in tubs, garden tubs, stone-cut tubs, soaking tubs, and more. If you want to save on space, a shower-tub combination is an excellent alternative that still makes a statement.

Makeover Your Bathroom with Renovation Experts

Revamp your old, outdated bathroom to feel brand new by applying some of these bathroom renovation design ideas. The right improvements allow your bathroom remodel to be just as you envisioned, with every design element and upgrade it needs to be a beautiful, functional space. Now that you have seen some of the exciting possibilities, the next thing to do is to turn your vision into a reality with top-rated bathroom renovation specialists.

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