Popular Materials for Bathroom Remodels

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When designing your bathroom remodel in Boynton Beach, Florida, you should start looking at materials as soon as possible. This way, you can choose from many options before you begin the project to avoid rushed decisions later down the road. Check out popular materials for bathroom remodels in South Florida so it’s easier to achieve stunning results.


Marble is a timeless and elegant material. However, the porous natural stone is susceptible to stains, water spots, acidic solutions, scratches, and even chipping. When properly maintained, it adds a touch of luxury to bathroom remodels.


Quartz is a popular choice for bathroom countertops thanks to its beauty and durability. Since it’s less porous than natural stone, you won’t have to worry about staining.


Highly versatile, granite is a wonderful choice for bathroom countertops. Granite features a strong, moisture-resistant surface that holds up well against everyday use and is easy to upkeep.


Slate has steadily increased in popularity over the last several years. Its natural dark look and organic grain give slate tiles an earthy feel, which is ideal for nature-inspired bathroom remodels.


Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of styles and colors, with subway tiles being a popular choice. Pair your tiles with colored grout and anti-mildew cement to complete the look.


Give your bathroom a modern industrial look with concrete floors. Not only are they durable, but they can also be easily sealed against water for added protection. Plus, there are many different tints and colors to choose from to enhance your bathroom remodel design.


For a bathroom wall material that’s easy to clean and beautiful, glass tiles are perfect. Glass tiles come in a multitude of finishes, colors, and sizes, allowing you to create a gorgeous space.

Cast Polymer

Cast polymer is a mixture of polyester resin and ground stone or other polyester and acrylic resin-based materials. Bathroom sinks, vanities, and tubs are commonly made from cast polymers due to their durability.


While on the higher price end, copper and bronze fixtures are as unique as they are strong. They also develop a lovely, warm patina over time that makes the space more eye-catching.


If your bathroom needs to stand up to heavy use, then vinyl flooring is an excellent option. In addition to its strength, vinyl is available in many different colors and designs.

Revamp Your Bathroom with Quality Materials

Upgrading the materials for your bathroom remodel is an effective way to transform the room and elevate its look. From walls and countertops to sinks and flooring, make sure to select materials that are designed to handle bathroom conditions and everyday wear and tear. When considering materials for bathroom remodels, look for products that will last while also fitting your style and budget.

Turn your vision into reality by working with bathroom remodeling experts in Boynton Beach, Florida. Schedule a free in-home consultation now with Platinum Sand Construction to transform your bathroom!