Bathroom Remodel Design Trends in 2022

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Bathrooms are more than functional places to wash up — they provide a space for relaxation, and play an important role in the home’s overall style. Refresh your South Florida home’s bathrooms by checking out bathroom remodel design trends! Gathering inspiration and ideas first will make it easier to update your bathroom with a remodeling company.

South Florida’s Hottest Bathroom Trends of 2022

Bathroom remodels are an investment, both for your quality of life and the property’s value. With the right bathroom remodel design trends, you’ll be able to create a magazine-worthy space that will be loved for a long time. Here are seven of the hottest bathroom trends in South Florida to elevate your remodel:

1. Organic inspiration

Organic style emphasizes natural material, warm earthy colors, and plenty of plants. Accent colors that complement this style include green and blue. Install skylights to bring natural lighting to bathrooms, and add plants to liven up the space.

2. Upgraded sinks and faucets

Upgraded sinks and touchless faucets are gaining popularity in bathroom renovations as people become more conscious about handwashing. Pair your new sinks and faucets with chic soap dispensers and towels for an elegant handwashing station.

3. Bold color

Bathroom remodel design trends in 2022 aren’t shying away from bold color! People are still using white and grey to make bathrooms look brighter and feel more relaxing, but we’re seeing more dramatic colors in color schemes, such as warm earth tones, black and charcoal, soothing greens, and luxurious jewel tones.

4. All-in-one shower/bath

A bath and shower combo is a versatile solution that maximizes bathroom space. It combines the safety and comfort of walk-in baths with the convenience of showers, which is great for households with seniors or people with varying levels of needs.

5. Mix lighting fixtures

Decorate your bathroom with various lighting fixtures to create visual interest while improving visibility. There are many options to consider: bath bars, vanity lights, wall sconces, recessed lights, bathroom chandeliers, and pendant lighting. Match your lighting fixtures to the style of the room and your home’s overall design scheme.

6. Smart features

Technology is being incorporated into bathrooms to increase convenience and comfort, including digital, wall-mounted interfaces and mobile apps (e.g. smart showers, smart mirrors), as well as touchless faucets and heated floors. Bath ventilation upgrades are also becoming popular to improve air quality.

7. Multi-purpose storage

Store towels, linens, and other items in the bathroom by creating a multi-purpose storage area. Install a linen closet, cabinets, or a bathroom vanity with drawers to maximize storage.

Begin Your Bathroom Refresh Today

Your bathroom should be a place for comfort and relaxation. A well-designed bathroom that includes carefully selected trends will make you feel rejuvenated after a long day and calm before sleeping at night. In addition to creating an enjoyable experience, a remodeled bathroom increases your South Florida home’s property value. The key is to work with an experienced remodeling company with verified reviews, like Platinum Sand Construction.

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