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Diving into a full home renovation requires quite a bit of planning. The process itself can seem daunting, but once you give yourself a general outline of what to expect, it can be tackled one step at a time so that your dream home is within reach. Here at Platinum Sand Construction, we want to help house renovations in South Florida go more smoothly, which is why we developed these general guidelines:

Plan and Design

For your house remodel, the first step is one of the most important parts of the process. This is where you discuss plans and designs and how your budget fits in. Going over everything at this point also gives you an idea of which materials may be needed or best suited for your vision and what is reasonable given your home’s existing parameters.


While permits are handled by your renovation company, it’s beneficial to understand this part of the project to protect yourself from legal issues. Permits for home renovations are important for several reasons — they’re legally required, ensure safety, and affect taxes/valuation.


It’s demo time! Keep in mind that you may have to relocate during this portion of the project, depending on the extent of renovation work being done. Regardless, this step is a key factor in throwing out the old to create space for the new.


If you’re gutting your home, the rebuilding and framing process reconfigures your space as you planned and designed initially. After the construction phase, the plumbing, HVAC system, electrical, and insulation go in. Soon after, the walls are put in place and ready to be painted and finished.


Next, install or fix kitchen and bathroom cabinets to enhance your home’s storage and appearance. There are a variety of cabinet installations to consider, from framed vs. frameless to the numerous cabinet styles, such as Shaker and flat-front.


Flooring is typically one of the last puzzle pieces in the project to prevent damage to your hardwood, vinyl, carpet, tile, etc. Your home remodeling contractor may discuss when they want this step to occur, so consider your overall design needs when making the decision.


One of the final parts of the home renovation is installing appliances. Stove, oven, dishwasher, mounted microwave, smart refrigerator, washer/dryer system, faucets, and whichever appliances you’ve chosen to upgrade your home will be added and put into place.

Final Touches

Finally, your home remodel is mostly complete! You’ll have a chance to arrange furniture and add accessories like wallpaper, backsplashes, and knick-knacks to your overall design. This is when the whole vision comes to life — and your dream home is finally realized.

Start Your South Florida Home Renovation

At Platinum Sand Construction, we’re dedicated to helping you bring your dream home to life. You’re involved in every step during the renovation project to ensure your full home remodel becomes a true home. Schedule a consultation with our South Florida renovation specialists to make your home feel new!