Types of Kitchen Cabinet Installations

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Your kitchen is a space for cooking and coming together. You want this room to feel comforting, and cohesive with your style. At Platinum Sand Construction, we offer kitchen design and remodeling, including kitchen cabinet installations. It’s important to add your special touch to this hub of your home, and cabinets can take a neutral space and make it pop. But where to start?

We’re going to discuss a few differences and styles to help you narrow down which option best suits your needs, taste, and functional requirements.

Three Main Cabinet Types

Cabinets can be broken down into three categories: stock, semi-stock, and custom. Stock is generally what is manufactured or “in stock.” Custom allows for more creativity, while semi-stock is a nice blend between the two. As for budget, custom will be more laborious compared to stock, with semi-stock in the middle pricepoint.

Six Cabinet Styles We Love

Next, there are a variety of kitchen cabinet styles to make your space more attractive and functional. When paired with a new kitchen layout, the room will look magazine-worthy! Here are six popular cabinet looks to enhance your kitchen remodel:

Shaker Style

A simple but popular design, it’s described as having a flat surface with a recessed panel in the middle. Shaker offers design versatility, making it great for kitchens of any style or color palette.


Similar to the shaker style, the cabinet doors of an inset fit right in the frame. However, it does require a more skilled installation because of its precision.


These are a more open-framed look for your kitchen cabinets, with glass replacing a typical cabinet door. This is a great option for displaying certain items in your kitchen, without being a fully open shelf.

Raised Panel

This design is another popular choice. However, instead of the recessed panel, it’s slightly raised instead. This creates dimension in the design and is often paired with a more traditional design.


Neither raised nor shaker style, the flat front kitchen cabinet is exactly how it’s described. A smooth-surfaced cabinet, the simplicity offers variety in aesthetic — especially if you’re looking for one with a little less maintenance needed.


Using vertical slats on the cabinet doors, beadboard is a stylish choice for any kitchen. If you’re looking for a more unique option for your kitchen, beadboard may be the way to go!

Framed vs. Frameless

Mentioned above were some framed and frameless styles. What does that mean exactly for your cabinets? A framed cabinet is the most common, with the door hinging to the frame face and shelves. They’re easy to install and offer a wide variety of looks. Plus, the frame gives more strength and sturdiness.

Meanwhile, a frameless is one without the frame, but since it’s made with a thicker/durable material, the integrity of the design isn’t any less compromised. They’re also commonly called ‘full access’ or ‘European style’ cabinets. They offer a bit more interior space due to the lack of frame.

Transform Your Kitchen with New Cabinets

Though there are many types of kitchen cabinet installations, we wanted to showcase some of our favorites to give you some design inspiration. Which one are you considering for your space? Let us help you with your kitchen renovation!

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