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Apr 26

Bathroom Remodel Design Trends in 2022

Bathrooms are more than functional places to wash up — they provide a space for relaxation, and play an important role in the home’s overall style. Refresh your South Florida home’s bathrooms by checking out bathroom remodel design trends! Gathering inspiration and ideas first will make it easier to update your bathroom with a remodeling […]
Mar 17

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in West Palm Beach

The kitchen is the heart of the house. During the holidays, families come together to help cook, smell the delicious aromas, and enjoy amazing meals. However, if your kitchen in West Palm Beach doesn’t feel harmonious, you may need a remodel. Check out these kitchen remodeling ideas to design a kitchen that reflects your style […]
Feb 28

5 Full Home Remodeling Trends in South Florida

A lot of full home remodeling trends from 2021 have carried over into 2022 – including personalized spaces, eco-friendly updates, and outdoor living. Many of these renovation trends arose out of necessity from our post-pandemic lifestyle, which forced us to reexamine how we feel about and use our home. Take a look at the top […]
Dec 02

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Installations

Your kitchen is a space for cooking and coming together. You want this room to feel comforting, and cohesive with your style. At Platinum Sand Construction, we offer kitchen design and remodeling, including kitchen cabinet installations. It’s important to add your special touch to this hub of your home, and cabinets can take a neutral […]
Nov 15

Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2022

From blogs and social media to TV shows and magazines, there are many kitchen remodeling trends out there to inspire your project. Incorporating a lot of trends, however, can be too much of a good thing, making your kitchen remodel look outdated just several years down the road. Check out the kitchen remodeling trends that […]