5 Full Home Remodeling Trends in South Florida

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A lot of full home remodeling trends from 2021 have carried over into 2022 – including personalized spaces, eco-friendly updates, and outdoor living. Many of these renovation trends arose out of necessity from our post-pandemic lifestyle, which forced us to reexamine how we feel about and use our home.

Take a look at the top five full home remodeling trends in South Florida to move forward with your home renovation in 2022 with confidence!

1. A focus on dedicated spaces

Open spaces are great for families who want to spend time together without distractions. But when people need to focus on a task, a private space is essential. Expect to see South Florida full home remodels with more dedicated rooms and areas than before. Homeowners are adding personal and practical spaces like an office, study room, home theater, gym, reading nook, or hobby room.

2. More outdoor living

People love having backyards because they feel like they’re getting away from everything. Pools are the number one addition to South Florida backyards. Outdoor kitchen and fire pits are the second most popular additions. More people are now looking for ways to improve their homes by adding bigger windows or glass doors to bring more of the outdoors inside. They might also add new landscaping or install pavers.

3. Rethinking the kitchen

While home sizes have stayed relatively consistent, kitchens are getting bigger. Families are cooking at home and eating together more often. Kitchen remodels have always been a popular home improvement project, but now we’re seeing fresh perspectives like incorporating unused formal dining rooms, double prep sinks, recycling organizers, and even recharging stations for electronics.

4. Investing in eco-upgrades

As energy costs and environmental concerns rise, there has been an uptick of eco-friendly investments in South Florida home remodels while still keeping cool in our subtropical climate. From installing solar panels and energy-efficient features to using recycled materials, “smart” and green homes are the future as more people care about sustainability. Plus, these investments could save you money in the long run and make your home more attractive to future buyers.

5. Decluttering and organization

Decluttering has been trending for the past several years, with popular home shows like Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” inspiring people to organize their spaces. Storage is crucial for making our homes as clean as possible. There are numerous ways to increase storage in full home remodels, such as adding shelving in closets, expanding the kitchen pantry, installing bathroom vanities with drawers, and, of course, getting rid of clutter.

Make Your House Feel Like Home

Before starting your full home remodel in South Florida, it’s crucial that you stop to think about how you want your spaces to function. Does your kitchen offer enough prep space? Do your kids need a place to do homework? How can the backyard become an outdoor retreat? When you determine what’s important, you’ll be able to better communicate with your remodeling company, resulting in a home that feels truly yours.