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Aug 31

Special Considerations for Home Renovations in South Florida

There are several key differences between home renovations in South Florida compared to northern towns and states. From our subtropical climate to a more laidback lifestyle, it’s important to keep in mind these special considerations for South Florida home renovation to achieve successful results. Before renovating your home, review these five special considerations first! 5 […]
Aug 14

6 Kitchen Updates Worth the Money

Certain kitchen updates are worth the money more than others which is why it’s important to be strategic with your selection to get the most out of your kitchen remodel budget. However, depending on your kitchen and what’s important to you, there might be some updates that add more value to you than others. See Platinum […]
Aug 02

Full Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Starting a full home renovation is a big undertaking, but there are mistakes you can easily avoid to save money and stay on schedule. Platinum Sand Construction has completed many full home remodels in South Florida and regularly helps clients navigate the renovation process to achieve a smooth experience and quality results. Check out the […]