Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2022

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From blogs and social media to TV shows and magazines, there are many kitchen remodeling trends out there to inspire your project. Incorporating a lot of trends, however, can be too much of a good thing, making your kitchen remodel look outdated just several years down the road.

Check out the kitchen remodeling trends that will be big in 2022 to see how you can incorporate a handful that will make your kitchen look contemporary for years.

Design Trends for Kitchen Remodels

Sure, a trendy kitchen looks appealing now — but what about three, five, or ten years down the road when you sell your home? That’s why it’s essential to balance timeless design with carefully selected trends to achieve a renovation that captures your style and adds value to your home.

Here are six kitchen remodeling trends that can enhance your design in a way that won’t make the room feel passé in only a couple of years.

Natural Elements

Real wood and natural stone not only are durable, but they also bring warmth and depth to kitchen remodels. In addition to construction materials, you can incorporate decor with natural textiles like wicker baskets, cotton hand towels, and woven rugs.

Bold Color Accents

Inject pops of color into your kitchen to bring some personality to the space. Color accents add visual interest to a room, which will make your kitchen look more multi-dimensional rather than one note.

Slab Backsplash

Tiles will always be popular for backsplashes, but it’s not the only player in the game. Slab backsplashes are an elegant option where one continuous material is installed rather than dozens of individual tiles. The slab can be a variety of materials like granite, quartz, marble, glass, and more.

Mixing New and Antique

Make your kitchen remodel feel unique by blending new and antique pieces together. Vintage elements add character to the room and create a warm, welcoming environment. Additionally, second-hand shopping is a great way to save money and antiques often have a higher quality of materials and construction.

Statement Lighting

Want to up the “wow” factor of your kitchen remodel? Add statement lighting! From rustic to opulent, there are many light fixture styles to complement your design. Look for interesting fixtures that can stand as an art piece on their own.

Floating Shelf

Create a special display while making your kitchen feel more spacious by installing a floating shelf. You can put attractive kitchen accessories, ceramics, glass jars, cookbooks, spices, plants, photo frames, and more.

Enhance Your Kitchen with the Right Touches

It’s vital to select kitchen remodeling trends that have a timeless quality to them. With the right touches, your kitchen will be unique without it turning into an outdated time capsule in just a couple of years. Work with an experienced kitchen contractor who can guide you through the design process to ensure your remodel will look amazing for a long time.

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