Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

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Any remodel comes with a lot of things to consider ahead of time. With kitchen remodels, there are a few things homeowners may not think about, such as the right textures for flooring, configuring enough storage space, and making sure your appliances are in handy areas around the space. Before you turn your kitchen into a new space entirely, add these kitchen remodel mistakes to your list so you can best avoid them.

Not Budgeting Properly

One of the most important aspects of kitchen remodels is knowing your budget. When you sit down with your kitchen contractor, be very certain that you’re able to do everything on your list within the confines of your finances. You should also allocate enough in case of unexpected costs and give yourself some cushion in order to not go over the total estimated cost.

Not Considering Trusted Vendors

While you may be tempted to shop for bargains and snag a deal where you can, working with trusted vendors who can deliver quality products on time is much savvier. Especially when you’re ordering appliances and features that require installation at a certain time in the kitchen remodel process, you don’t want to be caught up by shipping delays or damaged items.

Choosing the Wrong Additions

When you consider kitchen flooring, appliances, and even cabinetry and countertops, having the right materials and space for all is something you need to think about. Will the flooring withstand normal wear and tear? Are the countertops going to absorb liquids rather than repel them, making for easier cleanup? Is there enough storage in your cabinets for what you already have? Make sure it all makes sense in your kitchen.

Not Planning Ahead

Naturally, planning ahead seems like a given. However, many make the mistake of not planning properly with their contractor and wanting to dive right in. Creating expectations about the kitchen’s design and functionality will help you have a clear end goal. This space needs to perform best for you, so configure a plan for how to get there.

Being Too Trend-Focused

While kitchen remodeling trends can be a great starting point for certain design ideas, it’s especially important to remember that trends tend to be swapped for others in time. It’s difficult to keep up with all of the trends, and you shouldn’t have to! For your home, consider which of these currently fashionable styles have actual staying power.

Not Measuring Appliances

When your kitchen cabinets are installed, make absolutely certain that the appliances you’ve bought will be able to fit in those gaps. Plus, you should consider if your normal appliances (such as a toaster, air fryer, etc.) fit between shelving and countertop spaces. Measuring from the jump will save a lot of time and potential hassle down the line.

Transform Your South Florida Kitchen

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