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May 24

Important Questions to Ask West Palm Beach Kitchen Contractors

A successful kitchen remodel is often reliant on who you work with to get it done. Doing your due diligence in finding the right West Palm Beach kitchen contractors can make or break your renovation. There are some key questions you need to figure out before starting such a project. Here’s a checklist of what […]
May 13

Ways to Enhance Your South Florida Home Renovation

Transforming your home in South Florida into a functional and fashionable space is essential. There are many things to take into consideration when doing a full home renovation in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, or Boynton Beach, particularly when it comes to our subtropical climate. Will the redesign allow for more cooling features? Will the […]
May 03

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Any remodel comes with a lot of things to consider ahead of time. With kitchen remodels, there are a few things homeowners may not think about, such as the right textures for flooring, configuring enough storage space, and making sure your appliances are in handy areas around the space. Before you turn your kitchen into […]
Apr 18

Full Home Renovation Checklist

Diving into a full home renovation requires quite a bit of planning. The process itself can seem daunting, but once you give yourself a general outline of what to expect, it can be tackled one step at a time so that your dream home is within reach. Here at Platinum Sand Construction, we want to […]
Mar 31

Bathroom Renovations to Elevate Your South Florida Home

If there’s one room that everyone who lives in or visits your home will use, it’s the bathroom. Ensuring that this high traffic area is functional and up-to-date with your home’s designs is important, and bathroom renovations shouldn’t fall by the wayside here. In addition to enhancing your home, an updated bathroom can also raise […]