How to Plan a Future Kitchen Remodel

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Planning a kitchen remodel is best when done well in advance so you don’t end up rushing which can lead to costly mistakes and miscommunication between you and the general contractor. With careful planning and organization, your kitchen remodel will be able to turn out just like you envisioned. Here are the most important factors to consider when planning a kitchen remodeling project.

1. Plan the layout.

Even if you don’t think you’ll need a new layout, ask yourself if the current space will meet your future needs. Take into account your household’s needs and lifestyle to ensure all of the space is used to its best advantage. Important questions to ask when planning the layout:

  • How often do I or other household members cook?
  • What appliances matter most?
  • How much storage will be needed?

Without taking the kitchen layout into consideration, your remodeling project can end up falling short of expectations.

2. Improve functionality and comfort.

Awkward window placements, walls that block natural light, and doors that interrupt the space’s flow should be replaced with a better solution. When planning a future kitchen remodel, brainstorm ways to maximize functionality and comfort.

A kitchen remodel is also a perfect time to increase storage by adding extra drawer dividers or cabinetry expansions like pantry pullouts and lazy Susans. While these features improve storage, they can also save you money since they’re more expensive to add down the road.

3. Measure appliances before ordering cabinetry.

Before ordering and installing new cabinetry, remember to factor in the size of appliances and calculate any extra space you may require for a new purchase like the refrigerator, oven, microwave, or dishwasher. Fillers, which are panels that fill the space between cabinets, can be used to achieve a more tailored look. They’re also handy to remove if you need extra space in the future to fit a larger appliance.

4. Upgrade the countertops and sink.

Upgrading your countertops will make your kitchen look and feel brand new while adding value to your home. Materials like marble and granite give kitchens an elegant aesthetic whereas laminate and tile are cost-effective options.

Another area to consider upgrading is your kitchen sink. If your existing sink is in good shape, Platinum Sand Construction can reinstall it for you, but it’s still worthwhile to consider if another sink type or material is better suited for your needs.

5. Leave flooring for last.

Changing your kitchen layout and cabinetry can result in flooring gaps which is why flooring should be left for last. Even if you don’t plan to replace it, the rest of the kitchen remodel should be completed before filling in any flooring gaps to ensure no missing spots are overlooked.

Kitchen Remodel Planning in South Florida

Hiring a reputable contractor is one of the best investments you can make when planning a future kitchen remodel. From design to construction, it will make the remodeling process go more smoothly. Additionally, they’ll offer a fresh perspective and provide expert advice based upon your style and budget.

Platinum Sand Construction has over 25 years of combined experience with kitchen remodeling and home renovation. Call 561-299-4000 or contact us online to start your kitchen remodel planning in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and anywhere else in South Florida.