Why It's Important to Hire a Licensed Contractor for Home Remodeling

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There are a variety of reasons why it’s important to hire a licensed contractor for home remodeling, regardless if you’re doing a full home renovation or remodeling a small bathroom. From work and service quality to liability, hiring a licensed contractor for your South Florida home remodeling is crucial for having a positive experience and finished results you love. See why working with a licensed contractor is one of the best decisions you can make for your remodeling project!

What is a Licensed Contractor?

A licensed contractor is primarily responsible for the supervision of an entire construction project. Each state has its own licensing rules and regulations.  Licensing generally requires passing competency exams about business practices and trade skills, paying a fee, and proving liability insurance and/or bonding. Other requirements can include a criminal background check and not possessing any outstanding open contracting grievances.

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Contractor

Before you hire a general contractor, check to make sure that they’re licensed as it provides several key benefits.

Trust and Experience

Licensing provides trust that the contractor you hire has the experience and credentials to provide quality service. A contractor’s license also shows that they’ve met business management and trade skills requirements.  You can have comfort and peace of mind that your home renovation will be done properly.

Up to Code

It’s critical for contractors to know the laws and codes as well as the basics of administering a contracting business.  A licensed contractor means that they are knowledgable and will ensure that the work is up to code.


There are many safety hazards when working with unlicensed contractors including fires from faulty electrical work, falling off a staircase, ceiling collapses, and more.  You can avoid these life-threatening issues by getting professional work from a licensed contractor.

Less Financial Risks

Hiring a licensed contractor for home remodeling minimizes your financial risks. For example, if a worker damages your property or gets hurt while on the job, the licensed contractor is liable instead of you. If you hire an unlicensed contractor, then that liability would fall on your shoulders.

Reliable Home Remodeling Contractors

No matter the size of your home remodeling project, be sure to check the references of your contractor. Credibility matters! Your home is too important to trust to any contractor. Always check to see if they have a contractor’s license and read reviews from past clients to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Platinum Sand Construction is one of South Florida’s most respected full-service remodeling companies. We’ve built our business on integrity, communication, reliability, and premium workmanship. Call 561-299-4000 or message us to schedule a free home remodeling quote!


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