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Oct 29

7 Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

If you’re not careful with your South Florida bathroom remodeling, you can run into issues that will get your project off schedule and go over budget. Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a home so it’s crucial to avoid as many remodeling mistakes as possible. Platinum Sand Construction has completed many bathroom […]
Oct 19

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel in South Florida Cost?

A crucial step of planning a kitchen remodel in South Florida is figuring out how much to budget for it. Every project is different which is why you should take the time to consider what you want and how much you can afford. By having realistic expectations, the remodeling process will go smoother and you […]
Sep 25

8 Essential Decisions for Bathroom Renovations

Achieving a bathroom renovation that looks and functions beautifully all comes down to the decisions you make. A bathroom remodeling contractor will be able to guide you through the renovation process, but you’ll have a better experience and outcome by taking these essential decisions into consideration before starting your project. Follow Platinum Sand Construction’s bathroom renovation […]
Sep 11

Family-Friendly Home Remodeling Ideas

Improve your family’s quality of life with family-friendly home remodeling ideas that everyone will appreciate. Home remodeling isn’t just about design, but also function. There are a lot of ways South Florida families can renovate their houses to make them more comfortable and fun for parents, kids, and relatives. Check out our six family-friendly home […]
Aug 31

Special Considerations for Home Renovations in South Florida

There are several key differences between home renovations in South Florida compared to northern towns and states. From our subtropical climate to a more laidback lifestyle, it’s important to keep in mind these special considerations for South Florida home renovation to achieve successful results. Before renovating your home, review these five special considerations first! 5 […]