5 Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle This Summer

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Give your home a facelift by tackling a home improvement project (or two) this summer! Although you can do home updates any time of the year in South Florida thanks to our year-round warm weather, summer is a popular time to do renovations and repairs because there are more daylight hours. Check out these five home improvement ideas for summer to enhance your home’s beauty and function while adding value to the property.

Summer Home Improvement Projects to Consider

Whether you’re looking to do a kitchen remodel or a small weekend project, there are a lot of ways you can make your home feel even more like your castle. Here are some home improvement ideas to help you start planning and crossing off some tasks on your to-do list.

1. Install a patio screen enclosure

Turn your patio into an outdoor oasis and keep out bugs by installing a screen enclosure around your patio. A screen enclosure also offers some UV protection for both you and patio furniture, which is pretty important when you live in the Sunshine State.

2. Expand outdoor space with pavers

Kick up your curb appeal and expand usable outdoor space with a beautiful pavers installation. There are many different types of pavers to suit any style and budget, and they offer a variety of uses such as a new driveway, walkway, retaining wall, or patio.

3. Change ceiling fans

Improve air circulation and reduce energy costs with new ceiling fans. Instead of blasting your A/C higher this summer, simply change your ceiling fans to have your A/C run at a warmer temperature while still staying cool and comfortable. Plus, new fans can be a stylish enhancement to your rooms.

4. Upgrade to energy-efficient windows

Windows with cracks, seal breaches, or leaky areas are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. Upgrade to energy-efficient windows to lower your energy bill and make your home more comfortable. New windows can also help soundproof your home, which is particularly beneficial for homes in busy neighborhoods.

5. Increase storage

Add shelves and drawers to your bathrooms, closets, pantry, office, playroom, or mudroom to increase storage space and improve organization. Summer is particularly a great time for families to create an organization system before the next school year begins.

Enjoy Your South Florida Home Even More

Home improvements offer both immediate and long-term benefits, allowing you to enjoy the upgrades right away and increase the property’s value when you sell in the future. Summer is a perfect time to tackle a home project before life gets busy with school and the holidays.

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