Kitchen Island Ideas to Elevate Your Remodel

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From gorgeous to functional, it’s beneficial to explore kitchen island ideas that will elevate your remodel to a whole new level. With so many options, it’s crucial to think through what’s most important to you. Do you love to have family and friends over? Incorporate a breakfast bar for extra seating. Need more storage for all your stuff? Go with drawers over shelves for easier organization.

Check out the kitchen island ideas below to inspire your renovation and achieve a finished result you’ll love for years!

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island

There are a lot of kitchen island features to consider — countertops, storage, seating…the list goes on! The “perfect” kitchen island varies from home to home because everybody’s needs and wants aren’t the same. The ideas below will help you see what’s possible with your island beyond a prep space.

Use a different cabinet color for contrast

Create visual interest by using a different cabinet color for your kitchen island. White is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, but a completely white kitchen can feel sterile. By going with a pop of color or another neutral for your kitchen island cabinets, the space will look more unique and welcoming.

Expand seating with an L-shape breakfast bar

Kitchen islands often feature a breakfast bar, which is an ideal spot to eat casual meals or for kids to do their homework. For even more seating, design an L-shaped breakfast bar. This allows for bar stools on two adjoining sides of the kitchen island rather than just one side.

Increase storage with drawers

Drawers are a life-saver when it comes to organization. You’re able to see everything when you pull out the drawer and grab what you need whereas a lower cabinet is tricky to maneuver and see what’s inside. Drawers increase the efficiency of your kitchen, making your life easier.

Add a sleek wine fridge

For wine lovers, add a sleek wine fridge to your kitchen island. Not only does it bring a sophisticated element to your kitchen remodel, but it also frees up space in your main refrigerator and on your worktop. Plus, wine fridges range in price points so you should be able to find one that fits within your budget.

Create zones with different materials

Your kitchen island countertop doesn’t have to be all one material. By using two different materials, you can create zones to suit what the area is used for. For example, you can have granite for the prep space and wood for the breakfast bar eating area.

Enhance Your Kitchen with an Island

Get more out of your remodel by only using kitchen island ideas that enhance the appearance and utility of your kitchen. It’s tempting to get pulled in by the latest trends, but make sure to select features and finishes that will add enjoyment to your life and value to your home. Above all, work with kitchen renovation specialists that understand best practices and will provide expert guidance to achieve a kitchen island that’s perfect for you.