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Aug 31

Special Considerations for Home Renovations in South Florida

There are several key differences between home renovations in South Florida compared to northern towns and states. From our subtropical climate to a more laidback lifestyle, it’s important to keep in mind these special considerations for South Florida home renovation to achieve successful results. Before renovating your home, review these five special considerations first! 5 […]
Apr 02

Best Types of Patio Pavers for South Florida’s Climate

South Florida’s climate makes outdoor living possible year-round but UV light, heat, rain, and wind are harsh on patio pavers which is why it’s important to select the best types to ensure durability and comfort. There isn’t a single “best” paver for a South Florida patio because there are multiple factors to consider such as […]
Mar 02

How to Select Pavers for Your South Florida Patio

Outdoor living is big in South Florida which is why now is the perfect time to select pavers that will allow you to create a patio that makes spending time outside more enjoyable. There are a variety of pavers that range in durability, maintenance, and style. Learn more about pavers to see which material is […]