The Difference Between Home Remodel and Renovation

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Often used interchangeably, there are a couple of key differences between a home remodel and renovation that homeowners should know before starting a project. While both can dramatically improve a home, where they diverge is the work involved. Learn more about the differences between remodels and renovations to better understand your project’s needs.

Home Remodel vs. Renovation

As a full-service home remodeling company, we often have clients come to us asking for a renovation when what they really want is a remodel, and vice versa. The two are similar in that they both make a home more enjoyable to live in, however, one involves more intensive work.

A home remodel has a higher level of complexity than a renovation because you’re changing the form of something (e.g. knocking down a wall), whereas a renovation focuses on updates and repairs (e.g. installing new flooring). That’s why remodels tend to have a higher price tag and take longer to complete than renovations because the changes are more drastic.

Communication is Essential

Don’t worry too much about telling your contractor the correct term because they’ll be able to determine what will be needed during the appointment with the information you provide. Whether you’re considering a remodel or renovation, it’s crucial that you have open communications with your contractor to ensure proper planning.

Budget and Timeline Considerations

Also, remember that the size of your budget will affect your project’s scope. If you want a full home remodel, you’ll need to have a healthy budget or save up until you’re ready. Another thing to keep in mind is the timeline. Remodels generally take longer than renovations because they’re more complex.

For example, it doesn’t make sense to do a lengthy remodel if you want to put your house on the market in the next several months. Your goals, budget, and timeline are all factors in which type of project you should have.

Plan Your Project with Care

No matter the work you have done in your home, it’s vital that your project is planned with care. Before getting quotes from contractors, we recommend that you do a bit of preparation to make it easier to communicate important details. Here are some brainstorming questions to get your gears turning:

  • What needs to be fixed?
  • Do you want to do any major construction work?
  • What is your budget?
  • What’s on your “must-have” list?
  • What’s on your “wishlist”?
  • What is your preliminary timeline?

Having this information ready on-hand when you’re interviewing companies is helpful both to you and the contractor. The answers to these questions aren’t set in stone and can change as the planning phase moves along, but they provide a great starting point.

Partner with Home Experts

Regardless of your project, it’s critical that you hire a licensed contractor with years of experience and positive reviews. A licensed contractor offers several key benefits such as staying up to code, using best safety practices, and minimizing liability. Your home remodel or renovation is too important to hand over to just anyone.

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