Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Enhance Your South Florida Home

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Our specialty is full home remodels, but the room that often gets the most attention is the kitchen — and for good reason! It’s the heart of the home where families gather together to cook, eat, and share stories. Check out the kitchen remodel ideas below to make your South Florida home your favorite place to be.

Inspiration and Tips for Kitchen Remodels

A kitchen remodel is one of the most dramatic ways to transform a home. Not only does it enhance the room’s appearance, but also its functionality. Here are eight kitchen remodel ideas to inspire your home improvement project in South Florida!

Optimize the layout

When you work with an experienced remodeling company, you’ll have professionals that can construct a new kitchen layout that works better for your home and family. For instance, open up your kitchen by knocking down walls or add a peninsula for more storage and prep space.

Add a kitchen island

If space allows, install an island to make your kitchen even more beautiful and functional. In addition to increasing prep space, it can add extra seating and storage. A kitchen island also allows for creative opportunities, like using a cabinet color or countertop material that’s different from the rest of your kitchen.

Improve the kitchen’s lighting

Let there be (more) light! Proper lumination is crucial for an optimal kitchen, which is why you should install more lighting in addition to swapping out fixtures. There are various ways to add more lighting — recessed lights, pendant lights, track lighting, and under cabinet lighting.

Upgrade the countertops

Replace your outdated countertops with granite or quartz countertops, two popular options that are both elegant and durable. Other materials to consider are marble, butcher block, concrete, and stainless. Every countertop material has pros and cons, so make sure to review them carefully to select one that fits your style, budget, and needs.

Change the cabinet style

There are a variety of kitchen cabinet styles to suit different aesthetic tastes. For a modern look, flat-panel doors and glass-front doors are sleek options. Want a more timeless style? Shaker-style doors are the way to go.

Install new flooring

Whether you want to make the flooring the same throughout your home or install a different flooring for your kitchen, it’s imperative that it’s durable and complements the room. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid carpet, but other flooring types to consider for your kitchen remodel are hardwood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile, and porcelain tile.

Make your kitchen “smart”

A remodel is a perfect time to install “smart” and energy-efficient appliances. From smart fridges with built-in cameras to WiFi-enabled ranges and microwaves that can connect to apps, there are numerous ways for tech lovers to achieve a futuristic kitchen. Even if you’re not a techie, energy-efficient appliances are still worthy investments.

Fall in Love with Your Kitchen

Regardless of which kitchen remodel ideas you take for your project, it’s crucial that you work with a licensed and insured kitchen contractor that has glowing reviews and recommendations. Your home is too precious to entrust to just anyone! Furthermore, a reputable remodeling company will provide you with expert guidance and craftsmanship to achieve a kitchen you’ll love for many years to come.

Schedule a free in-home consultation with Platinum Sand Construction today to discover the exciting possibilities for your kitchen!